Regeneration of Queen’s Parade, Bangor

Regeneration of Queen’s Parade, Bangor

The proposals

The project seeks to rejuvenate and revitalise Bangor Town centre with a vibrant mixed use development. The proposals currently include:

  • A new 70/80 bed hotel to encourage overnight stays in the town and increase tourism benefits
  • Destination building to increase the overall attractiveness of Queen’s Parade as well as providing improved facilities for the town’s residents outside working hours
  • 125 new residential units to develop and encourage town centre living, increasing activity in the area in the evenings and weekends
  • 38,500 sq. ft. of commercial space, leisure space, shops and restaurants to create a mix of uses to create a draw that will complement the town centre
  • 33,500 sq. ft. of offices which will help the town’s economy and drive footfall to the area all year round
  • The refurbishment of 52,500 sq. ft of existing commercial property to make best use of the existing buildings
  • Marketplace/Courtyard Squares to create a pleasant environment for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors
  • 200 space car park on the lower ground floor
  • Kiosks and event space
  • Community and cultural spaces
  • Traffic calming measures and enhanced pedestrian priority along Queen’s Parade

Site Location Plan - Click to enlarge

Site Location Plan - Click to enlarge

Proposed Bangor Marine Development Plan - Click to enlarge

Proposed Bangor Marine Development Plan - Click to enlarge

Creating active attractions for Marine Gardens

We aim to ensure Bangor and its waterfront becomes a destination for play, relaxation and connection with the natural, coastal environment.

1 Waterfront Plaza

A focal point for the area beside the marina, offering views across the water.

2 Bangor Beach / Lawns / Temporary Beach

The raised lawn and gardens beside the amphitheatre will create a positive environment for those using and enjoying the space, whilst new planters will provide the opportunity to bring ‘Bangor in bloom’ into the heart of the town at Marine Gardens. It will be an accessible, landscaped place flexibly designed for informal recreation or events.

4a Main Promenade

An enhanced promenade is being proposed. Two tier canopies and landscaping have been incorporated to create a unique feature that allows for weather protection to create a destination that will be attractive all year round.

4b A sheltered promenade and kiosks

Market spaces and canopies will provide space for pop up events, exhibits and experiences that will ensure Bangor becomes a creative, contemporary and attractive destination. The reintroduction of kiosks can support a vibrant destination at the seafront.



5 McKee Clock and historic gardens

The McKee Clock, situated at the foot of High Street, has long been a significant feature in the town. Our proposals for Marine Gardens and the civic plaza will provide a focal lens for this iconic asset and connect it with the new development of Bangor. Raised lawns with informal seating walls to recreate character of the original Sunken Gardens. This could include feature lighting to highlight the terraces and McKee Clock.

6 Event space

Urban spaces suitable for hosting events and for daily non-programmed use are proposed to be integrated into the design of the new gardens and promenade. This could be a new home for Project 24.

7 Hub / Café / Gallery

A low key destination building to provide gallery / restaurant / bar facilities in prime location with views across marina. Space could be allocated for cycle storage and bike hire. This will encourage active use and exploration of the public space and allow for sustainable travel along the revitalised waterfront.